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What is Open?

Open is the new e-procurement solution, designed and developed by NEPO. Open will replace the NEPO Portal and become the place to find and compete for tendering opportunities.

Why should I register?

Quickly find opportunities - your new personalised dashboard will provide suggested opportunities relevant to you. Open will continuously improve to provide more specific and tailored opportunities to you. Interact with opportunities easily - it's now easier for you to respond and bid for public sector opportunities. Where possible, Open will store your information and relay this within the system to remove duplication. This means less time on administration and more time for adding value to your bids. Manage awarded contracts - we've improved the ways you stay connected with public sector organisations throughout the project lifecycle. Open provides you with an easy view of contracts, communication and important dates.

I have registered an account, however can't find any opportunities. What do I need to do?

Open will be adopted on a phased roll-out of tendering opportunities during 2023 but don't worry, we will notify you when relevant opportunities are published. ‘Relevant opportunities’ are chosen based upon the Categories and Area of Delivery you have selected in the company account.

Are opportunities currently being issued via Open and the NEPO Portal?

Yes. During the implementation phase of Open, opportunities will be issued via both tendering systems. This means that once an Authority has implemented Open, they will cease advertising on the NEPO Portal and will solely advertise via Open. The aim is to have all North East local authorities migrated to Open by the Summer of 2023. Following migration, all authorities will issue all opportunities via Open.

My temporary password has elapsed – how can I access my account?

You can reset your initial temporary password by using the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the Login page. You will receive an email with a verification link, please follow the instructions to reset your password.

How do I sign up to receive notifications of opportunities from Open?

Once you have registered your company on Open you will receive a weekly email of Opportunities you may be interested in based upon the Categories and Area of Delivery you have chosen. These Opportunities will also be visible in the ‘Suggested Opportunities’ tile of your Homepage dashboard.

Why am I not receiving any notifications from Open?

Please add to your safe sender list to ensure they don’t end up in your junk folder! Also, ensure you have Codes and Categories of interest applied to your account.

I'm currently the admin, how do I add other colleagues to ensure they receive notifications?

At the top right hand side of your homepage, under your profile select 'Manage User Accounts'. This will take you to the 'User Management' area. Here you can create additional accounts and assign the level of access. As an administrator you can also edit and disable user accounts where required.

How do I add or change Codes & Categories?

The Codes & Categories you choose determine the opportunities that are highlighted to you, both in the 'Suggested Opportunities' area and via the weekly email notifications. Don't forget, you will need administrator access to assign Codes & Categories. The Codes & Categories can be added or removed from 'My Profile' and you can change them at any time by clicking 'Edit' at the top right hand side of your profile. A handy tip is to select all Codes & Categories that relate to the goods and services your business provides - this will ensure you receive notifications of relevant opportunities.

Why am I unable to add any information into my Selection Questionnaire?

When you first access the Supplier Questionnaire you are in View mode. To add your information, you must first click the 'Answer' button.

I can’t see how to Save information in the Selection Questionnaire – how do I do this?

To save the information you have added, scroll to the top of the page, and click the 'Submit' button (you will still be able to add and edit information you have already stored).

How will the training be delivered?

We have created various training resources so you can learn the system at your own pace. We will also provide additional guidance at the level of support that suits you, including drop-in sessions and webinars. Stay tuned for more details!

Can I assign different delivery areas to specific codes & categories?

Your chosen delivery areas apply to all the categories that you have selected. Each Regional Office can select a different set of categories and delivery areas, as they are independent to both the head office and regional office accounts.

Will I still be able to access information within past opportunities and contract information currently held in ProContract?

All historic data will be visible in ProContract until the end of our contract (currently planned for 1 April 2024). At this point, the NEPO Portal and its members will be removed from the list of users of that system and as such, no past data will be available. If you are engaging with other organisations outside of the NEPO Portal, this data will be retained. We would strongly suggest you copy/download any information you wish to retain by this cut-off date. Data migration is an area we are exploring for awarded contracts only and further updates will follow on this.